SpectroShade Micro Easily Determines Color of the Teeth

SpectroShade Micro identifies true-to-life colors using its proprietary spectrophotometer, digital camera and sophisticated software to provide complete and accurate data.


With the SpectroShade Micro, data is collected and analyzed without obstruction due to lighting in your office or by any other variables that compromise your path to obtain accurate information.

For lab work, SpectroShade Micro II system calculates the numerical differences between the natural tooth and the selected color in terms of brightness, chroma and hue, and provides comprehensive information to facilitate its work. Images and spectral data can be saved on the SpectroShade Micro and digitally transferred to your device or sent to the lab.


  • Portable hand-held device easily collects images and data for analysis
  • Industry-leading technology delivers accurate and reliable data
  • Multiple angle shots collected for analysis
  • Easy to use software to analyze  data - no subscription fees 
  • Complete and exhaustive communication capabilities
  • Images and data collected and saved to patient's file
  • Objective reading of the chromatic spectrum of the teeth and crowns and immediately links to all the existing standards 
  • Portable and lightweight - 900 grams



To become a dealer, we require a minimum purchase of 5 SpectroShade Micro devices and a commitment to promoting and offering the system to your existing customers.