SpectroShade Micro II

  • $6,999.00

SpectroShade Micro II Dental Color Complete Tooth Analysis System is the most accurate and reliable imaging spectrophotometer to provide complete measurements of both natural and prosthetic tooth coloring under any environmental conditions.

SpectroShade Micro II device is equipped with the LED spectrophotometer and a digital camera that ensures accuracy while acquiring measurements, images, and data for shade-mapping and analysis. During the shade-taking session, selected image details are displayed on the high-resolution LCD screen to ensure correct positioning and best-measuring quality. 

Using the latest technology and software, you can then objectively evaluate and determine the correct tooth shading for your patient based on topographical color mapping of the whole tooth.

SpectroShade Micro II is easy to use and improves the shade-matching and color-replication process. With the SpectroShade Micro II data, reliable information is accurately conveyed to the lab so the perfect tooth color is produced for your patient. Spectral images and spectral data can be stored on the device, transferred to the PC or SD memory card, or directly transmitted to the lab via e-mail.

Data gathering - SpectroShade Micro 


  • Simple to use: with one click to more than 2 million image data
  • Measuring speed - less than 1 second/image
  • Objective measurement of the color spectrum of teeth and crowns
  • Considered the gold standard for performing clinical and in vitro studies
  • Links to all existing ceramic standards
  • High-resolution LCD display with touch screen
  • Updated software and components from the previous model
  • Portable hand-held device easily collects images and data for analysis
  • Record notes while taking measurement
  • Each image gives you a complete tooth measurement 
  • Makes tooth color analysis easy to examine
  • Provides accurate results every time
  • Multiple angle shots collected for analysis
  • Easy to use software to analyze data
  • Complete and exhaustive communication capabilities
  • Images and data collected and saved patient's file
  • Download data from device to PC via A/B USB cable connection
  • Objective reading of the chromatic spectrum of the teeth and crowns and immediately links to all the existing standards 
  • Compatible with the 64-bit operating systems (Windows 7, 8 and 10)
  • One year warranty

SpectroShade Micro Unit is shipped from our California location. If you have any questions, use our contact form.

Measuring data

  • Lighting 2 x 45°, polarised, telecentric, monochromatic
  • Recording with 0°, polarised, telecentric
  • Measurement area: ~18 x 14 mm with 640 x 480 points
  • Digital resolution 640 x 480 = 307,200 (=N° of spectral curves)
  • Optical resolution: ~0.03 x 0.03 mm for each point
  • Repeat: better than dE of 0.5 on the tooth
  • Device compliance: better than dE of l on the tooth

Supports the following shade guide systems:

  • 3M Filtek Supreme XT
  • AVANTI Shade Guide
  • Candulor TCR
  • Ceramco II & II Silver
  • Ceramco 3
  • Dentsply CeramX
  • Dentsply Esthet-X
  • Dentsply Genios
  • Ivoclar Chromoscop-Complete
  • Ivoclar Vivodent PE
  • Kiss V-Shades
  • Kiss extreme
  • Nobel Rondo Alumina
  • Nobel Rondo Zirconia
  • Noritake Tooth Guide
  • Noritake Shade Guide
  • Shofu Vintage Halo 7041
  • Shofu Vintage Halo 7043
  • Shofu Vintage Halo
  • Shofu Vintg. Halo High Value
  • Shofu Vintg. incl. High Value
  • Trubyte Bioform Plastic
  • Trubyte Bioform Porcelain
  • Trubyte New Hue
  • Trubyte Portrait
  • Vita 3D Master-Complete
  • Vita Classical
  • Vita Lumin